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PIONEER is a full-service agency providing marketing, social media, graphic design, web development, retail & merchandising services as well as interior design and renovation. We've worked closely with local Ulster County, NY business owners to increase sales, improve traffic, create a web presence, renovate store layouts and grow their social footprints. Your PROFITS are my #1 PRIORITY!



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Chris Bick, owner of Pioneer Agency has guided and supported us in making our dream come true. Our goal was to create a visually pleasing, comfortable hangout spot and he delivered in all respects. Notably, he did this on a tight budget. Chris works tremendously hard to deliver and crucially, is able to absorb with ease any curve balls that inevitably comes with all construction projects. We are so proud of our expansion - Tousey Winery truly thanks Pioneer agency!
— Kimberly Peacock / Tousey Winery - Germantown, NY
Chris Bick did an amazing job helping us transform our Living Room and Dining Room into great looking spaces that reflect our personal taste while also being comfortable and engaging! My wife and I usually have trouble figuring out what we want or can agree on, and we started off with a bit of a hodgepodge of existing furniture. Chris was able to show us how to take some of what we had, and within our stated budget, find the right new furniture and decor to make the rooms feel cohesive. We would recommend Pioneer for anyone’s interior decorating needs!
— Sean & Kathleen Murray / Home Owners - Kingston, NY
Chris Bick is exactly what we were looking for in a marketing and social media consultant... Highly competent, self-directed, and a pleasure to work with. He excels at managing stakeholders to complete projects on-time and on-budget. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Chris!
— Tim Weidemann / Kingston Land Trust - Kingston, NY
As previous marketing director/owner of, Chris Bick was responsible for media and print exposure nationally and internationally. His skills contributed to making Fred Flare a multi-million dollar company. Additionally, he oversaw all social media, search engine optimization, e-marketing as well as entertainment extensions such as our pilot television show for the Style! Network.
— ANNE BRANDT / Author - Benton Harbor, MI
Getting settled into and maximizing a new business space can be challenging. Tapping into his considerable experience and eye for merchandising, layout and display, Chris Bick helped Petalos Floral Design make the best use of our space. To this day, we rely on his innate merchandising sense to help us keep our look fresh and unique.
— Brian Bender-Tymon / Petalos Floral Design - Kingston, NY
Chris Bick made concrete, constructive suggestions that helped me move forward with a much-needed remodel of my store. His knowledge of retail and merchandising helped me focus on practical strategies to improve in-store sales. Everyone needs a Chris Bick on their team!
— JESSICA DUPONT / Half Moon Books - Kingston, NY
I really can’t thank Chris Bick enough. I am so grateful for him being so solid and sharing so much of his knowledge with me. This hasn’t been just about making a website - it’s been about empowerment and creating and adventure and confidence-building and so much more.
— DAVID PILLARD / Tender Land Home - Phoenicia, NY


I'll work my azz for you! I owned my own business in NYC for 15 years. I understand the struggles of being an entrepreneur and I'm here to help you achieve all of your business dreams, at the level of involvement you feel most comfortable. I believe you have to be 100% into something or 100% willing to try. As for me, I will work 100% to strengthen the components of your business you want to improve but I will also challenge you and bring new ideas to the table, both within and outside the initial scope of the work. We’ll look at simple ways to make/save money and, if you’re willing to try, we can examine the intangibles, like the “flow” of your customer service. Great entrepreneurs nurture both the mind and the heart. That’s a true pioneer...

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About Me

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my name is chris bick...

I began driving when I was 14. My father petitioned the state of Illinois so I could get my license early and help the family business. I drove this giant van, barely able to steer, and I’d deliver wholesale grocery and beauty items to mom-n-pop shops. I’ve been immersed in small business invention ever since. From my years studying Architecture at the Univ of IL at Chicago to my career as a Display Coordinator at Urban Outfitters where I honed my skills on retail renovation and reinvention, I worked and learned a ton.

Most significant in my resume was my entry into online retail in 1998. There, I was a true pioneer. (Urban didn’t even have a website yet.) As the former owner of for over 15 years, I saw terrific change, yet the willingness to be flexible and combine agility with creativity led to incredible growth, professional and personal. I am confident my experience can benefit small businesses looking to grow their corner store or their corner of the internet. Call me! xo, Chris

As they say... Go Bick or Go Home!!!

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I'm a creative executive with 15 years of experience in online retail. A strong leader with proven success in marketing, buying, web development and design. I'm a results-oriented strategist known for increasing sales, improving brand recognition and securing media attention. I'm also an innovative architectural designer skilled in providing design and construction documents, research and sourcing, design-build installations and client relationships.

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check out some of my work