Marketing is as simple as turning the volume up, waay up. A simple move, a simple switch can help you better communicate your unique talents and services. Together we’ll tweak the dials on the hi-fi in a way that’s consistent with your needs and budget, bringing your brand to the top of the charts.

email MarkEting:

The content, timing – even the subject line – of your email correspondence with clients, customers, fans are all super important. Let me – who’s navigated the changing tools and guidelines of email newsletters for 15 years - help you design, schedule and manage your email messaging to build stronger relationships.

Press strategies:

I have a comprehensive and meticulously maintained list of media contacts, many of whom I’ve worked with for years. Let me pitch your products or services to these taste-makers and get you in Oprah, on the local news and everywhere in between.


The look, feel and vibe of your venture is more important today than ever. Does your company's style and voice – even simply the use of your logo – delivery your message confidently and consistently in your interior, on your menu, packaging, website, Facebook page, other social media platforms? Let’s raise touch-point standards (and sales) together.

Social Media

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the fragmentation of social media and sometimes wonder if all the work is worth it. I can help you quantify these efforts as we work together to create relevant content in a manageable way that delivers growing engagement. Let's rock your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and more.

Interior Design

With my degree in Architecture and experience in retail merchandising, I can help you plan renovations (or even simple, inexpensive updates that deliver a bold impact) to your business / store interior. In some cases, a simple change in paint color can improve business and build buzz.

Visual merchandising:

This is my passion. I partner with my clients to look at the way an office, a store, a line of products are presented and then make incremental changes to improve traffic, flow and, of course, increase sales. Let’s look not just at the HOW and WHERE you put items but also the WHEN and WHY.

Window installations:

How you decorate your windows is your calling card to get customers into your store. Let me help you create show stopping presentations no matter what the season or budget. I can plan and structure an affordable visual calendar that practically manages itself.

architectural drafting:

Whether your needs are residential or commercial I can help you design, draft and realize any and all of your interior dreams. A new kitchen or bath design or even a new register layout in your retail boutique can add incredible value to your business or home. I am currently proficient in AutoCAD, SketchUP and Vectorworks.

Web Development

Running a successful online store for 15 years has taught me a thing or two. Even if you’re not so interested in developing an online presence, I assert that a super simple (yet well-maintained) site unquestionably increases the value of your business. If you want to go to the moon, however, I'll pizzazz your photography, help you figure out shipping and refine your customer service strategy. I offer inexpensive solutions that will upgrade your .com to da bomb!