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Buddy Valentine and Chris Bick

Buddy Valentine and Chris Bick

Inspired by the "Swak" lips murals (see below) that I did with artist (and my husband) Buddy Valentine back in 2014 for the O+ Festival, I introduce the Lips Bike Rack in Kingston, NY.

It's been well over a year since we entered and WON O+'s bike rack design competition and the Lips Racks (3 total) have finally been produced and are being installed along Cornell Street in Midtown Kingston.

This one was installed today the Lace Mill. Another one will be installed at the Cornell Street Post Office later this summer and the 3rd and final one will be located at the corner of Cornell and Broadway once the complete street / bike path construction is completed in the Fall. Stay tuned and we love ya... MWAH

bike rack buddy valetine kingston o positive lace mill.jpg