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play to the gallery

Lots of installations to show you this week. In addition to the Fall windows at Half Moon Books, I also helped install my 3rd annual Tousey Winery booth for the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest. Needless to say, it was a busy week.

My adorable clients, Ben and Kimberly Peacock (see below) always want to outdo themselves with the booth design, year after year. This year, I wanted to highlight their craft and how painstakingly they work on their wines. It’s an art form.

That’s where the art gallery theme came to be. Crisp white walls, bright lights and artwork. The gold frames highlight their products and the wall decals in my fave Helvetica font display their menu and tell their story. The philosophy behind their wines and their craft… Like an artist’s statement that you’d see at a gallery.

My fave is the light up podium at the front showcasing their sparkling wine… The Loic named after their youngest son. Oh, we also won best booth! Cheers…

Visit my complete Tousey Winery gallery here.


The adorable proprietors… Ben and Kimberly Peacock


any some behind the scenes with yours truly…