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Starry Night

And without further adieu, here’s my latest window installation for Half Moon Books in Kingston, NY… STARRY NIGHT.


I wanted to create something a bit different for this year’s Holiday windows. Something a bit darker and not totally “in your face” Christmas. No red or green, no Christmas Trees and no Santa. So, I came up with Starry Night.

I had to defy gravity with the books like I usually do and I had found great pictures of “floating books.” That’s when I had the idea to create the books as chimney smoke. A cozy, winter scene.

I initially wanted to use a cabin but upon my research I found this great vintage Sears Catalog house illustration. It’s the Randolph style if you’re interested! BINGO… The books serve as chimney smoke puffs for this charming Sears Catalog spec home.

The background is dark blue paper mounted to a pegboard base with twinkle xmas lights poked thru the holes… Instant starlit night sky. And then I used the half moon from the store’s actual logo and VOILA; A Starry Night was born.

I hope you enjoy! Shop small this holiday. Peace and Love for all.


Oh, I almost forgot. I made a table too!