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Less is More
half moon books winter 2019 pioneer agency kingston ny.jpg

For the Winter 2019 Half Moon Books store window update, I wanted to do something interesting but also minimal. I think after Holiday, minimalism is a great motif. I thought of just one solid pillar of books spiraling. There’s repetition and pattern in the simplicity. #monolithic

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Museum Quality

Time for a new store window display at Half Moon Books. For the fall 2018 installation, I wanted to do something like academia meets museum.

I created a plywood pedestal to feature key titles for the fall. I also wanted to highlight the ephemera (learned a new word) prints for sale in the store. I make a grid of clipboards to show the prints at different sizes. The grid keeps cohesiveness for the varied style prints. Postcards scattered at the base.

I also wanted that Museum of Natural History science vibe, so I included hanging magnifying paper to create interesting effects for the passerby. Enjoy and shop local!

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and an outtake of yours truly during construction…